History of BK8

BK8 Casino is among Asia’s most popular online gambling destinations. Southeast Asia has high regard for this gambling hotspot. “Bola King” was the site’s previous name, but in 2015 it was renamed BK8 because it offered more than only sports betting.

BK8, headquartered in Malta, is a one-stop-shop for all types of gambling and betting in Asia and beyond. You may gamble on a wide variety of sports, as well as play live casino games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

Every aspect of playing online games and the importance of customer happiness is taken into consideration by the BK8 management team.

An introduction to BK8 and where it all started

Founded in Malta in 2014, BK8 is an Asian internet gambling corporation with headquarters in Curacao, the Philippines, and Cambodia. BK8 is a Curacao-based company with a Master License of Gaming Services Provider that has been active in numerous regulated online marketplaces since its inception in 2013.

With the help of Michael Gatt (Managing Director) and his team, the online casino is able to keep up with the competition and stay ahead of the game.

Furthermore, BK8’s long-term relationships with high-profile personalities, football clubs, and significant events demonstrate its credibility and authenticity. As a result, players place their bets with complete confidence, knowing that they are playing at a respectable and well-run online casino.

In order to provide excellent pleasure for registered players on a stress-free platform, BK8 provides a broad gambling variety. For the popular betting site, eliminating the hassles and difficulties of operating real casinos was the key to success.

Online casinos, on the other hand, offer a more personalized experience customized to the customers’ needs. In other words, BK8 customers may play their favorite games more quickly and conveniently without having to worry about making a purchase.

Growing its empire

A diversified team of professionals works around the clock at the trustworthy betting platform to maintain the site cutting-edge, accessible, and up-to-date.

Due to BK8’s comprehensive research and openness to customer input and evaluations, this is achievable. All of these factors, together with the company’s previous success in the gambling sector, contribute to its continued growth and development.

As a result, BK8 is continually looking for new methods to better serve its clients. It’s a way for BK8’s development team to stay up-to-date on the current trends in the gaming industry so that they can provide players with an authentic casino experience.

BK8 has grown to accommodate more than five languages and the BK8 partner program over the years. BK8 signed a three-year contract with La Liga, Spain’s professional football league, in 2018.

BK8 will receive worldwide prominence as the league’s exclusive Asian betting partner by being advertised on digital billboards during away matches. With John Terry as their brand ambassador, they were granted exclusive rights to advertise their merchandise on numerous advertising platforms throughout Asia.

Accolades and more

It’s quite rare to find another online casino with just as many accomplishments as BK8. It has been recognized and awarded nearly every year over the past many years.

Despite the fact that the company was still in its infancy, the brand was grateful to its customers for their unwavering trust in its offerings. In light of the nomination, the betting platform viewed it as a significant incentive to innovate and improve its offerings.

After winning the “Best Online Casino in Asia” title, BK8 managed to draw the attention of gamers around the world. A well-known betting platform has announced that both John Terry and Robin van Persie will be its 2019 brand ambassadors.

BK8’s credibility and reputation have already been cemented by several accolades, certifications, and licenses, as well as sponsorship and ambassadorial relationships. The fact that hundreds of customers join the reputable online casino every month is therefore not surprising.

Even more so, the well-known gambling website ticks every conceivable box.

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