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Can I declare a prize through the mail?

Prizes as much as and it is inclusive of $50,000 having to be claimed through the mail. We advise retaining a duplicate of the back and front of your price tag on your information and which you use registered mail. For extra facts, click here. If you want to assert a prize of over $50,000. Call the Minnesota Lottery at 1-888-568-8379 or 651-635-8273 to speak about your alternatives.

NOTE: In Minnesota, lotto recreation gamers have twelve months from the date of the drawing to assert prizes. All scratch-off games that pay real money  by playing video games prizes should be claimed within one (1) 12 months of the introduction and cease of the sport. Consider ready to assert prizes that aren’t coming near the expiration date. Here’s a listing of scratch recreation cease dates.

Is the payout for scratch tickets greater or much less than when the Lottery first started?

When the Lottery started, scratch video games paid out 60 percent. Depending on the sport, scratch video games now payout among sixty-four percentage and seventy-four percent. Minnesota kingdom regulation calls for the scratch video games to have a minimum payout of 60 percent of price tag income.

Why did you finish my preferred scratch recreation while all the pinnacle prizes haven’t been claimed?

There is a constrained quantity of area withinside the price tag dispensers, so while we release 3 or 4 new scratch video games, we ought to cease 3 or 4 older scratch-off games that pay real money video games to make room. The video games we cease to rely on lots of factors, inclusive of stock to be had withinside the warehouse, stock at retail locations, income styles of the sport, rate factors of video games to be had, play patterns to be had, etc.

Just the fact a pinnacle-prize triumphing price tag hasn’t been claimed does now no longer suggest that a pinnacle-prize triumphing price tag hasn’t been sold. Lottery winners have as much as twelve months from the introduced cease of the sport to assert their prize. Tickets are redeemed nearly every day from each recreation this is much less than twelve months old.

Why is it that with odds of approximately 1 in 4, I can once in a while purchase 10 tickets in a row and now no longer get a winner?

Stated odds are primarily based totally on the whole recreation. While the Lottery calls for that this system randomly putting triumphing performs into the price tag-printing system limits the strings of non-triumphing tickets, it’s far feasible to have numerous triumphing scratch-off games that pay real money, or none, in a string of 10. The Lottery does now no longer understand wherein triumphing tickets are placed. The application that determines random placement will be audited.

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